Personal Lubricant Gel For Female And Male

We at Ohpersonal have a wide range of Lubes for Men and Women. The option available are like Water based lubricant gel and silicone based lubricant. The range of products is like SILICONE LUBESWATERBASED LUBESFLAVOURED LUBESTOY CLEANERS. We have the best lube for sensitive skin, that's why we claim that we have best lubricant gel for female. We have different types and variety of lubes for women and men. You may also find here cheap personal lubricant. Our products are natural and organic moreover we also have mineral oil personal lubricant.

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Cobeco Water based Anal Lube 50ml

An intimate water based lubricantIt ensures natural pleasureWith a unique gliding textureIt has a hy..

₹2242 ₹1839 Ex Tax: ₹1558

HOT BIO Super Water Base Lubricant 50 ml

HOT BIO Super is a biological lubricant that provides a comfortable feeling during masturbation and ..

₹2595 ₹900 Ex Tax: ₹763

HOT Exxtreme Glide Silicone Lubricant 50ml

Silicone based lubricant for the extreme demands. Containing extracts of St. Johns wort oil and even..

₹2832 ₹2150 Ex Tax: ₹1822

HOT Glide Pleasure Waterbase Lubricant 30ml

Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure is known for its uncompromising quality. If you are looking for a water-ba..

₹2124 ₹1557 Ex Tax: ₹1319

HOT Superglide Liquid Pleasure Waterbase Lubricant 30ml

When you want to add some powerful ammunition to your lovemaking and foreplay, bring in the winning ..

₹2478 ₹1557 Ex Tax: ₹1319

HOT Superglide Rasberry Flavoured lubricant 75ml

Great taste of delicious juicy and tangy strawberries.The new generation of edible lubricants and ge..

₹2773 ₹2175 Ex Tax: ₹1843

HOT Water Lube With Pure Spring Water 30ml

Water lube is a water based, personal lubricant made of natural ingredients and pure Austrian spring..

₹1770 ₹1343 Ex Tax: ₹1138

K-Y Lubricating Jelly 82 Gram

Water soluble personal lubricantQuickly and safely replaces moistureHelping you prepare for intimacy..

₹2242 ₹1800 Ex Tax: ₹1525

Mister B LUBE Water based Lubricant 30ml

All purpose water based lubricantFeels velvety soft, non stickyVery suitable for a good fuckCondom c..

₹1770 ₹1080 Ex Tax: ₹915

Pjur My Glide Stimulating Lubricant for Women 30ml

Increases the blood flow and gives more intense pleasureStimulating and warming lubricant increases ..

₹3421 ₹2013 Ex Tax: ₹1706

Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant 30ml

The original. Our best-seller and one of the most popular silicone personal lubricants worldwide. Ex..

₹2477 ₹2064 Ex Tax: ₹1749

S8 Flavored Lube Strawberry 125ml

Parabens freeKiss and lickableThe premium Waterbase Flavored lubricant by S8 is a delicious choice f..

₹2713 ₹2418 Ex Tax: ₹2049

S8 Hybrid Lube 50ml

The premium S8 Hybrid Lubricant is the perfect match for consumers who don’t want to comprise: as it..

₹2242 ₹1491 Ex Tax: ₹1264

S8 Original Waterbase Lube 125ml

Parabens freeOdorlessThe premium Waterbase Original Lubricant by S8 is a perfect match with consumer..

₹2477 ₹1623 Ex Tax: ₹1375

S8 Warming WB Lube 50ml

The premium Waterbase Warming Lubricant by S8 is a perfect match with consumers looking for a body-s..

₹1888 ₹1491 Ex Tax: ₹1264

SKORE Lubes Cherry Flavoured 50 ml

Set the sheets aflame with your passion as you surrender to the heady flavour of cherries. Dribble a..

₹472 ₹283 Ex Tax: ₹240